My name is Pau Rovira and I welcome you to my site.

I was born in Carcaixent, a little village in Valencia. After I got bored of riding my bicycle through out the endless fields of oranges trees, I achieved a Degree at the University of Valencia in Audiovisual Communication and a Degree in Spanish Studies (even though I much prefer to say Literature).

After a long and tortuous pilgrimage through out Catalonia selling myself as a Spanish teacher, on 2003 I ended up in Valencia, where I still living, and from then on I work as an image and sound teacher.
On 2006, I decide to truly look at myself as a photographer and I created the blog Kinnetik, where I upload one of my pics each month.

My work has been exhibited in Palma, where I had a warm welcoming. At the moment I’m organizing an exhibition in Valencia, as well as I have in mind to show my work at several markets and fairs through out the Catalan geography (Majorca and Valencia included).

Regarding the work done by commission, I point out the pictures taken for the websites and

I began to photograph with a Nikon D64. My incorporation to the digital world was with the Canon G9 Powershot; and I now poligraphy with a Sony Nex6. Never the less, I still make use of my childhood camera.

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